quantum storage

Plastic Pegboard Wall Systems

  • Heavy Duty 1/4" thick Polypropylene Pegboard
  • Durable, Weather Resistant and Washable
  • Three times the holding power of traditional Pegboard
  • Patented Double Locking Hooks and Accessories stay put and never fall out
  • Available Hanging Bin Kits in 4 sizes and 7 colors
made in the usa

Pegboard Packs Pegboard Bin Kits Pegboard Clear Bin Kits

Single Hooks Double Hooks Curved Hooks Closed Loop Spring Clips

Bin Clip
7.78 pack of 5
Plier Holder
9.68 pack of 10
U Hook
10.17 pack of 5
Tool Holder

Parts Shelf
29.15 each

Bin Rail
5.42 for pack of 2
Screwdriver Holder
9.52 for pack of 2
Wrench Holder
12.62 for pack of 5